Wicked Trade is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Bloodthorn cultists attacked a group of Camlorn refugees. They kidnapped the group's women and dragged them into the Fens.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Search for the missing women
  2. Search for the contract
  3. Rescue captives from the Tower
  4. Talk to Guy LeBlanc at the Wyrd Enclave
  5. Complete the quest


North of Aldcroft is a man named Guy LeBlanc, who can be found with his cart and goods on the ground. He will tell the Vestige that all of the women in his group have been kidnapped by cultists. Him and his group had fled from Camlorn and was on their way to Aldcroft. He will say that one of the cultists had talked about a hag coven, but he is unable to understand what that may mean for his sister, Bethany LeBlanc, and the other women. He has sent the men to a nearb [Wyress camp. Offer to help search for the women and meet Guy in the camp after they have been found.

Search and travel to a cultist camp in the southern part of the Hag Fen, then sneak in to avoid being detected. There is one woman nearby, who will need to be approached and talked to. The woman will turn out to be Guy's sister, Bethany. It appears the cultists have an arrangement with the hags over exchanging the women for their help against the Wyrd. It is bound by a contract, which will need to be found within the camp.

Untie Bethany, then find the Blood-Sealed Contract on a table in the camp. It will be found that Angof has sealed the contract for Molag Bal with Mother Murk. Afterwords, follow the marker to find the women in the tower and defeat the cultists on the way.

Upon reaching the tower, the women are held by a spell from a large crystal. Destroy the crystal in order to set the women free, then travel to the Wyrd enclave to find Guy and complete the quest.


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