"Please, sera, do not hurt me! Wait... who are you? You do not serve the Camonna Tong? Thank the Hist! You must help me escape! Two others as well. If those Camonna Tong find us, they will flay us alive!"

Wih-Waska is an Argonian slave located inside Khartag Point on Vvardenfell. She is one of the slaves hiding from the Camonna Tong who have invaded the cavern seeking control of the slaves for seeking escape from Vvardenfell through Khartag and his gang of Ropefish.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

A Smuggler's Last Stand[edit | edit source]

As Khartag and his gang fight on desperately against a losing battle, they try to escape captivity with their fugitive slaves. Wih-Waska is one of them, and the Vestige is tasked with retrieving her from danger.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

I've cleared the way. Can you get out of here on your own? "Yes, I think so. Did you find Mabkir? Jaree? The Camonna Tong were right on top of us. Jaree fled one way. Mabkir and I stayed close, but he slipped. I... I left him there."

Mabkir is dead. I haven't found Jaree yet. "I knew it. I should never have left him. I can still see the look in his eyes... the terror. Hist forgive me."
You're still in danger. Go find Nakhul - he waits for you outside. "I will. Thank you, friend. May Sithis guide your steps."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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