"I'm Wilbur, owner and proprietor of the Count's Arms. We make beds and food available to guests. Can I help you?"

Wilbur quote

Wilbur is a Redguard that can be found at The Count's Arms in Anvil.


Wilbur is the proprietor of the Count's Arms, one of the popular gathering places in Anvil. Wilbur will buy potions and food whilst only selling the latter. He is widely recognized in the city of Anvil of having an extensive knowledge of wines and other drinks.


Wilbur wears a simple set of middle-class clothing, a Russet Felt Outfit and Pigskin Shoes. He only carries a considerable amount of gold. When he is approached, he will politely introduce the inn and himself with the above quote.


"A pleasure to speak with you."

Anvil "Buildings here look different. Why? This is the Gold Coast style, like in Hammerfell. Eastern towns look grey and dull to me."


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