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The Wilderking (or sometimes The Wilderqueen) is the god worshiped by the Bosmer tribes of Greenshade, Valenwood. He is both a political figure and a god and as such the tribes of Greenshade answer to them instead of the Camoran King of Elden Root.[1] He is often very selective of whom he appears to, which is the main cause of people doubting his existence.


The Wilderking's domain is known as the Wilderking Court and controls the southeastern part of Greenshade. His physical manifestation lives at the throne of the wilderking located above the city of Greenheart.


The Wilderking or queen is always mantled by a mortal. The mortal can be of any race, but is most commonly an Altmer or Bosmer. The mortal must be born with a powerful control over nature, and will be brought to the Wilderking's Court by the order of fate. Once mantled, the previous mortal dies and the newly mantled mortal loses all memories of their life.

It is unknown exactly when the Wilderking appeared in Valenwood, but they were known to have been active there since at least the First Era having mantled many people. Some time prior to 1E 2920, the Wilderking made a deal with the Bosmer village of the Shrouded Vale where they would be sent to an Aetherial paradise in exchange for someone to be used as caretaker for The Fading Tree.

During The Elder Scrolls Online, the Wilderking currently mantles an Altmer male named Ostion. The Aldmeri Dominion is working on friendly negotiations with the Wilderking. As the storyline progresses, it is revealed that the Veiled Heritance was working on a plot to kill the Wilderking and that one of their members, Aranias, was destined to be the new vessel of the Wilderking. Aranias then realizes her position from the help of the Vestige and is mantled, becoming the new Wilderqueen.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Wilderking has almost complete divine power over nature and as such controls the balance between nature and its creatures.[3] This can be seen by his control over Lurchers at his court which are used to guard him.


Audience with the WilderkingEdit

Expose the Veiled Heritance plot to assassinate the Wilderking.

The Spinner's TaleEdit

Find a Spinner in the Wilderking Court.

Throne of the WilderkingEdit

Help defend the Wilderking from Heritance assassins.



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