Will of the Council is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The council has decided to kill Sees-All-Colors. Aelif and the Vestige confer withMerric, who has returned to the Earth Forge to finish the Prismatic Core.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Aelif
  2. Wait for Aelif to open portal
  3. Follow Aelif into the forge
  4. Talk to Merric
  5. Wait for Aelif
  6. Take the Prismatic Weapon
  7. Explore the Halls
  8. Follow Aelif's instructions
  9. Confront Sees-All-Colors
  10. Decide the fate of Sees-All-Colors
  11. Shut down the blood fonts
  12. Kill Aelif
  13. Talk to Jofnir Iceblade
  14. Return to the Earth Forge
  15. Talk to Jofnir
  16. Talk to Countess Hakruba
  17. Observe the Council's justice
  18. Follow Merric out of the Earth Forge
  19. Talk to Merric
  20. Return to the Guild hall
  21. Talk to Jofnir


The Vestige must use the Prismatic Core in battle against the Mortuum Vivicus. They can choose it to be a longsword (one-handed sword), greatsword (two-handed sword), staff or bow. Jofnir Iceblade will track Sees-All-Colors. He says she is in the Halls of Submission—she is working for Molag Bal.

The Vestige takes the Prismatic Weapon and travels to the Halls of Submission.

Colors says she is working for the Daedric Prince Meridia and killed Jofnir because he would not listen to her after she mobilized to the Guild to defy Molag Bal. She believes Aelif is the one who serves Molag Bal, but Colors was afraid Merric, who serves Stendarr, would not have understood her serving Meridia. The player can then choose whether she lives or dies.

Aelif tries to kill Colors and shouts "For Molag Bal!" She is working for the Prince of Lies. After shutting down the blood fonts, Aelif turns into a Titan.

Her death frees Jofnir, and he protects the player as they destroy the Mortuum Vivicus. The player throws the weapon into the Mortuum Vivicus and travels back to the Earth Forge.

If the Vestige lets Sees-All-Colors live, they can decide whether or not she continues to serve the guild. If she stays with the guild, she will become the "Light of the Guild," an advisor to the Guildmaster. Merric becomes the new guildmaster. Jofnir retrieved the Prismatic Weapon for the player, and they can again choose what shape they want it to take.


  • Even though the enemies are level 43, it is very manageable to finish this quest at level 27, the level you receive it.



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