Windhelm Marketplace is the local marketplace in Windhelm. The marketplace consists of a group of stalls and shops close to the Blacksmith Quarters and The White Phial. During the day, when the Marketplace is open, stalls sell various items, from armor to fresh fruits and vegetables.

During daytime hours, several of Windhelm's residents can be found here, such as Captain Lonely-Gale, Brunwulf Free-Winter, and members of Clan Shatter-Shield.


Merchant Type Goods GoldIcon
Aval Atheron General Goods Merchant Weapons, Apparel, Potions, Food, Books, Misc 750
Hillevi Cruel-Sea Food Vendor Food 100
Niranye General Goods Merchant, Fence Weapons, Apparel, Potions, Food, Books, Misc Varies


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  • Sometimes on the armor stand in the market, all the armor will float in midair.


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