A Wise Woman is the matriarchal spiritual leader of a clan of Ashlanders.


The wise woman serves an important role in Ashlander society as councilor and farseer to the tribe, keeping their lore, prophecies, songs and legends in memory and passing them from one generation onto another.[1][2][3] They also act as healers, spellmakers and alchemists, even offering services to outsiders who have gained their trust. The Ashkhan will often seek her counsel and obey her visions.[4] On rare occasions, if a tribe does not have an Ashkhan to lead them, the wise woman may instead take up the mantle.[5] Traditionally, permission must be sought first before an outsider is permitted to enter her yurt and speak with her.[6] Some wise women reject the established rules for women's behavior that govern Ashlander culture, particularly in the practice of Ghost Snake magic, and become mabrigash—renegade witch-warriors.[7]


In 3E 427, Ashlander wise women played a crucial role in guiding the Nerevarine towards their destiny in uniting the conflicting tribes and destroying Dagoth Ur, particularly Nibani Maesa of the Urshilaku tribe.[8] Following the Red Year and rise of the New Temple, the spirituality of the often persecuted Ashlanders was largely vindicated in the eyes of the settled House people, having always kept true to the old ways. As of 4E 201 it is now quite common for many Dunmer to make the arduous pilgrimages into the desolate ash wastes to seek the counsel of the wise women, who have done much to dispel Tribunal worship.[9][10]

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