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"Legends say you cannot destroy Wispmothers, just as you cannot destroy the moon and stars."

Wispmothers are creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. They can be found in several different locations throughout Tamriel, such as in Crow's Wood. Another is located in Stormhaven region on a small island in Iliac Bay. Various whispmothers appear as bosses in Valenwood.


A Stranger Uninvited

Determine the reason why a stranger has come to Deep Graves.

Broken Apart

Seal a wispmother inside an ancient vessel.

Saving Hosni

The Amronal of Valenwood

Defeat the Amronal Wispmother




  • There is an achievement, "Wispmother Vanquisher", for defeating Aereus in Wisplight Glen.


  • As of Update 5, wispmothers are immune to crowd control effects.[1]
  • As of Update 5, "Clone" now produces two copies of the wispmother, not one.
  • As of Update 6, wispmothers will not summon more than Four Wisps at a time.[2]
  • The Amronal's Spell is a lorebook written about Amronal, a wispmother in Valenwood.[3]



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