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Wispmothers are creatures found in the frozen, mountainous regions of Skyrim. Wisps can be spotted floating in the wild, and remain neutral. If the wisp is approached, it moves away and eventually leads to a wispmother.


During combat, wispmothers summon three to four smaller wisps or shades to attack while she casts a volley of frost spells and places Frost Runes. The wispmother stays on the move to avoid magical attacks. The smaller wisps follow whomever the wispmother is attacking, regardless of distance, and drain health. Wispmothers are higher tier enemies, able to use powerful blasts of frost and move very quickly.





  • Just like trolls, wispmothers are weak to fire. However, setting them on fire does not stop them from regenerating health as the wisps will steal the Dragonborn's health instead of self-restoring.
  • Wispmothers will be easier to sneak past after all of her wisps are taken care of.
  • According to theories in the book The Wispmother, the creatures may be ghosts of the nearly extinct race Snow Elves. However, researchers who are into necromancy theorize that they are not ghosts but powerful sorceresses who sought eternal life through undeath.
  • Wispmothers' Race ID is referred to as WispRace instead of WispmotherRace.



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