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The Witches Festival, also referred to as the Witches' Festival,[1] is a holiday that occurs on the 13th of Frost Fall annually.

An autumnal tradition celebrated throughout all of Tamriel, and is known as "the clash of sorcery and religion". Conjurers, Witches, Thaumaturges, Demonologists, and Warlocks meet in secret to perform all manners of incantations and conjurations.[2][3]

For a limited time in The Elder Scrolls Online around Halloween, the Vestige can take part in the holiday by obtaining a Crow Caller. Through this item, they receive the introductory quest "The Witchmother's Bargain." Upon completion of the quest, the Vestige receives the Witchmother's Whistle and thus is able to summon the Witchmother's Cauldron. Drinking this brew allows the Vestige to become a terrifying undead creature that is able to loot Plunder Skulls from boss monsters.




  • An Unsparing Harvest
  • Bare Bones Puppet (gives Skeletal Marionette memento)
  • Cauldron Conjurer
  • Dremora Style Master
  • Gruesome Snack
  • Gruesome Feast
  • Happy Work For Hollowjack
  • Plunder Skull Enthusiast, Plunder Skull Aficionado, Plunder Skull Fanatic
  • Pumpkin Pairs Well With Guts
  • Reaper's Harvest
  • Sacking Skeletons
  • The Plundered Masses
  • Wicked Writ Initiate, Wicked Writ Apprentice (gives Witch's Infernal Hat hat), Wicked Writ Witch (gives Witch title)