Witchwither is a disease that causes immediate paralysis, lasting indefinitely unless cured. It is not contagious.


The Paralyzed BarbarianEdit

After angering a witch, a barbarian by the name of Hisin Deep-Raed was cursed with this disease and left to die in the West Gashwilderness. The Nerevarine encounters Hisin near Ald'ruhn and cures him. He offers The Icecap, his unique helmet that provides protection against frost damage as a reward.


  • Hisin is the only person in Morrowind who has this disease, and the Witch who reportedly inflicted him with it does not actually exist in-game.
  • Witchwither can be added via the console (Player -> AddSpell "witchwither"). The Nerevarine is immediately paralyzed, but can use a Potion of Cure Common Disease to remove it.


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