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Wizard for Hire is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Big Helende in the Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub.
  2. Go to the Sadrith Mora Mages Guild to hire a wizard.
  3. Ask Arielle Phiencel about hiring the wizard.
  4. Find four pieces of Raw Ebony.
  5. Bring the raw ebony to Arielle Phiencel four pieces of Raw Ebony.
  6. Return to Big Helende for reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Helende in the Sadrith Mora Hall asks the Nerevarine to visit the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall to hire a Wizard for defense purposes (for protection from the Camonna Tong). There are various ways to reach the guild, but one way is to enter the Imperial Shrine, exit to the Wolverine Hall, go up a flight, and enter the Mages Guild.

Speak with Arielle Phieneel and ask to hire a wizard. Arielle will request four pieces of Raw Ebony as payment. Again, any four pieces will do, from a mine or from the basement of Anis Seloth's Alchemist shop in town (the locked chest downstairs, or just buy it since it is well guarded). Another 4 pieces can be found in an unguarded chest at the bottom of Ilmiril's house in Ald'ruhn Once Arielle receives the ebony she will send the Battlemage Natalinus Flavonius over to Dirty Muriel's. Return to Helende for a reward of a Dire Shardbolt Ring.



Wizard for Hire
Big Helende asked me to hire a wizard from the local Mages Guild to guard the Thieves Guild here in Sadrith Mora. The Mages Guild in Sadrith Mora is in Wolverine Hall.
  • Quest accepted
Arielle Phiencel will send someone to guard the Thieves Guild if I bring her four samples of raw ebony.
I brought four samples of raw ebony to Arielle Phiencel, and she agreed to send someone to guard the Thieves Guild.
Big Helende thanked me for getting a guard for the Thieves Guild.
  • Quest complete
Since Arielle Phiencel is dead, the job Big Helende had for me is over.
  • Quest complete

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