"Intruder! Help!"
―Wizards' Guard[src]

Wizards' Guards are guards found in Calcelmo's Laboratory and Calcelmo's Tower. They are led by Captain Aquilius.


Hard AnswersEdit

The guards are tasked by Aicantar with killing any intruder who enters the laboratory.


  • Calcelmo's Laboratory Key
  • Dwemer Museum Key
  • Leveled helmet, boots, cuirass and gauntlets
  • Random amount of GoldIcon

Warriors may also carry the following items:

Wizards may carry the following:


Hard Answers

In Understone Keep:

Wizards' Guard: "Sir, are you serious?"
Aicantar: "You heard me, captain- our work must not be disturbed. Kill any intruders on sight. Call for backup if you need it. But let no one through." or "Calcelmo's orders- no one gets through to the tower. Kill any intruders on sight. Call for backup if you need to."
Wizards' Guard: "...As you say, sir."

In the laboratory:

Wizards' Guard 1: "What do you think this is?"
Wizards' Guard 2: "Another trap, most likely. Things are dangerous... three of the guards died when the lower hall flooded with steam last week."


  • "Help! In here!"
  • "Backup! I need some help in here!"
  • "Over here! Hurry!"


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