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"The wolves of Skyrim are feral, savage beasts, that work in packs to take down any prey available - be it animal or man."
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Wolves are a type of medium-sized, agile, canine predator commonly found throughout Tamriel. They appear almost anywhere outdoors (excluding wet environments, such as swamps). They can also be found in caves, mines, or forts, be it alone, as a pack, with different animals. They can also be found accompanying a vampire, bandit, or a werewolf, who keep them as guards or companions. Wolves also inhabit Solstheim in great numbers and are revered by the indigenous Skaal.


Although the wolves of Skyrim can be vicious, they are not always aggressive. They have territorial habits - in most cases, they will not attack the Dragonborn unless he or she draws near. Wolves howling or assuming an aggressive stance are giving a warning that the Dragonborn is getting too close to them. Continuing to approach them will instigate an attack.

By contrast, Ice Wolves are more powerful, aggressive and deadly, possessing more health and capable of dealing more damage than the standard wolf. They can be found in higher elevations in the mountains or in the northeastern, frozen areas of Skyrim. Ice wolves attack prey on sight. The natural camouflage of their coats make them difficult to see in the snow.

Solitary wolves can be encountered, or packs of two or three may be found. If in a pack, wolves will use flanking and diversionary tactics to bring down prey. Very rarely will a wolf move straight towards a target, opting instead to circle the target to avoid arrows and to force the target to fend off the pack from all directions. Though weak, these creatures may be dangerous for an unsuspecting low-level Dragonborn. Wolves will flee from combat when they reach a certain amount of health, in order to regenerate their health. After doing so they will rejoin the fight.

If the Dragonborn transforms into a Werewolf, wolves will remain non-hostile, and will occasionally follow him or her.



There are several subspecies of wolf, including ice wolf, pit wolf, and alpha wolf.


  • All wolves will be friendly towards werewolves, even the Dragonborn (but only when they are transformed into one).
  • There is a chance of contracting Rockjoint from every hit taken from a wolf.
  • A wolf head is the seal and banner of Solitude.