Wolfskull Cave is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This area is located in Haafingar Hold, in the snowy foothills west of Solitude. Its name comes from its history as a place where Potema Septim, a former Queen of Skyrim, practiced Necromancy.

Wolfskull Cave

This cave system is guarded by necromancers, draugr, and skeletons, and leads to Wolfskull Ruins. Falk Firebeard asks the Dragonborn to investigate the area in the quest The Man Who Cried Wolf.

Wolfskull Ruins

Wolfskull Ruins are the remains of the underground stronghold of Potema Septim, the Wolf Queen, who in ages past had terrorized the surrounding territory until she was hunted down and killed. The ruins are currently held by a group of Necromancers who are trying to summon Potema back to life.

This area is only accessible during the quest The Man Who Cried Wolf. If Wolfskull Cave is entered before the quest has begun, the entrance to Wolfskull Ruins will be sealed off with ice, and all the enemies will be replaced with bandits.

Notable loot

The Refugees, a light armor skill book - on the altar at the top of the tower.



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