Wolves in the Fold is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Duke Sebastien thinks that werewolves may be trying to infiltrate and take over Aldcroft, just as they overthrew Camlorn.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Reveal and defeat hidden wererwolves
  2. Talk to Gloria Fausta
  3. Talk to Duke Sebastien
  4. Complete the quest


Duke Sebastien suspects Faolchu's agents are here among them, even now. They hide in human form and it's exactly what they did in Camlorn. They need to found and defeated before Aldcroft suffers the same fate. The Duke gives the Vestige an amulet and explains it can be used to reveal the hidden werewolves. But, talk to Gloria, she knows more about it.

Go over to Gloria and she tells them to be careful, the werewolves will not appreciate having their secrets revealed. The amulet bears the Call of Hircine and werewolves can't resist its call. It forces them to reveal their true nature. Continue to ask her more to get more information. Doing so will reveal she is related to Faolchu.

Hircine's Amulet

Head over to the docks where the refugees from Camlorn are waiting. Use the amulet to reveal five werewolves and defeat them. After five have been revealed it's time to head back to the Duke and let him know his suspicions were correct.

He wasn't surprised that Gloria was right, at least they'll be better prepared this time around. Again, the Duke feels he is in debt to the Vestige and gives them a small sum of GoldIcon as a reward.


  • 61 GoldIcon
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