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The Wood Cutter is a deceased Breton lumberjack directly west of Lakeview Manor, and just south of Lake Ilinalta.


The Wood Cutter is a deceased Breton near a few felled trees, presumably remnants of his work. Next to him is his trusty axe The Woodsman's Friend, a unique Iron Battleaxe. The Conjurer's Altar is to the northeast, but the actual cause of his death is unknown. To the east of his body is the site where Lakeview Manor can be built with Hearthfire.

Just a few steps away from him is a stump with a tipped over tankard on it and a swarm of ants enjoying themselves.


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  •  PC   If Hearthfire is installed, the dead woodcutter and his axe may not spawn.
    •  PC(Fix)   He and his axe may be spawned through the use of console commands. The command player.placeatme 0002236C will spawn the Wood Cutter alive, and player.additem 00022265 1 will add the axe to the Dragonborn's inventory.



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