Wood Elf with a Grievance is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


High-Pockets, who can be encountered in Godsreach, claims that he was badly treated by Holmar. He is offended and wants revenge. He asks the Nerevarine to help him get it.


  1. Talk to High-Pockets and agree to help.
  2. When talking to Holmar there are the following options:
    • Persuade Holmar to leave.
    • Provoke a fight. Knock Holmar out or kill him,
    • Buy Holmar more drinks until he passes out.
  3. Alternatively, give a copy of Saryoni's Sermons to High-Pockets.
  4. Return after two days and talk to High-Pockets.


High-Pockets can be encountered outside The Winged Guar in Godsreach. If accepting to help him, he follows the Nerevarine until the quest is completed. Holmar can be found inside the Winged Guar, drunk. The Nerevarine can decide to fight him, solving the quest by killing him or knocking him out. Alternatively, he can persuade him to leave the bar. The last option would be to offer him more drinks, which results in him passing out. Offering Holmar drinks costs 60GoldIcon.

There is an alternative way to solve this quest, if the Nerevarine happens to be in possession of a copy of the book Saryoni's Sermons. If mentioning it to High-Pockets, he asks if he could borrow it to read. Giving the book to him results in him reading the books during two days. After that time, he decides to dedicate his life to the Tribunal Temple, abandoning his thirst for revenge and giving all his possession to the Nerevarine.


Depending on the way the quest is solved, there are different rewards as follows.


Wood Elf with a Grievance – MS_HolyElf
ID Journal Entry
10I encountered a particularly agitated wood elf today going by the name of High-Pockets. He was visibly angered at a Nord named Holmar inside the Winged Guar who he claims beat him up for no good reason.
  • Quest accepted
20I have agreed to help High-Pockets go teach Holmar some manners.
30High-Pockets has borrowed my copy of Saryoni's Sermons, and told me to come back in a little while after he reads it.
40I entered the bar with High-Pockets to find Holmar loudly bragging about his stunt. The two of us confronted him, and I persuaded him to stop his bragging and apologize. High-Pockets was satisfied, and paid me for my help.
50I entered the bar with High-Pockets to find Holmar loudly bragging about his stunt. When the two of us confronted Holmar directly, he became violent, and we had to kill him to defend ourselves. High-Pockets rewarded me with some money.
100I returned to find High-Pockets standing almost naked by the bar, waiting for me. He told me he has renounced worldly possessions, whereupon he gave me everything he owned. He has now committed his life to serving and spreading the word of Vivec.
  • Quest completed
110High-Pockets tried to get me to help him take on a brutish Nord, but I refused. I have better things to do than take care of problems for a midget Wood Elf.
  • Quest failed
120We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. We fought, and Holmar and High-Pockets are dead.
  • Quest failed
130Holmar was drunk and belligerent, but I offered to buy him a couple drinks. Upon consuming them, he fainted.
  • Quest completed
140We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. We fought, and Holmar is dead.
  • Quest completed
150Holmar was drunk and belligerent, but I talked him out of doing any more harm. Hopefully he will head home soon and sober up before showing his face again.
  • Quest completed
160We confronted Holmar in the bar, and found him drunk and belligerent. He attacked me, and I knocked him senseless.
  • Quest completed
200High-Pockets thanked me for my help with Holmar, and gave me a magic ring and gold as reward.
  • Quest completed

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