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"If you've got an axe, you can always make gold chopping wood. Just bring me everything you cut."
―Mill owners[src]

The Woodcutter's Axe is a tool and one-handed weapon that can be used to cut firewood at wood chopping blocks found throughout Skyrim. Firewood can subsequently be sold to characters such as Hod, Hulda, and Gilfre, or used to create arrows and bolts with the Dawnguard add-on.


The woodcutter's axe cannot be crafted at a forge, nor can it be improved at a grindstone.



Woodcutter's axes are fairly common in Skyrim, and one or more can be found in most settlements. Additionally, axes may rarely be found in the inventory of hunters roaming the wilds of Skyrim.

The following is a list of where axes can be found:

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Falkreath Hold


  • Solitude – Thirteen known locations:
    • Fletcher – On a table just outside the shop.
    • At the market stalls, on the left side of Addvar's stall.
    • The Winking Skeever – Two can be found here:
      • One is embedded in a stump next to the counter.
      • The other is lying on the floor of the one and only bedroom on the first floor.
    • Radiant Raiment – Behind the counter.
    • Solitude Blacksmith – On a table in the first room.
    • Thalmor Headquarters – On a shelf in the basement.
    • Addvar's House – In a basket directly to the left when entering.
    • Evette San's House – Three in total:
      • One is on a shelf in the first floor bedroom.
      • Another is lying on top of a cupboard on the first floor, next to a saw.
      • The third is upstairs, immediately to the left of the staircase.
    • Jala's House – Two in total:
      • On a shelf directly to the right of the entrance.
      • On a shelf in Ahtar's room.
    • Bards College – Two in total:
      • In the basement, standing upside-down on a stump next to the fireplace.
      • Again on the lowest floor, this time lying on a shelf in the bedroom.
    • Erikur's House – On the lowest shelf of a cupboard, in between both of the lowest floor's entrances.
    • Bryling's House – Atop a cupboard in the basement, lying next to a saw.
    • Blue Palace – In the kitchen area, on a stump next to the fireplace.
  • Katla's Farm – Four in total:
    • Outside, lying next to a wood chopping block.
    • Inside the house, on a dresser at the top of the stairs.
    • On a cupboard in the room next to the stairs, next to a saw and a knapsack.
    • Solitude Stables – Just inside the door on the right-hand shelf.
  • Thalmor Embassy – In the barracks, on a shelf.
  • Northwatch Keep – Two are in the same room:
    • One is on a table.
    • The other is propped up by a woodpile.
  • Volkihar UndercroftDG – An axe can be found stuck in a barrel near the entrance.
  • Dainty Sload – There are two in total:
    • One on a crate on the deck, next to a gourd.
    • The other is on the cupboard directly to the right when entering the ship.
  • Solitude Sawmill – On a shelf under the staircase.
  • Wolfskull Cave – Three are found here:
    • One is lying on the floor of a room with several mages.
    • In Wolfskull Cave Ruins, there are two:
      • In Wolfskull Cave Ruins, on one of the staircases.
      • A third is on the ground nearly at the top of the fortress structure.


  • Ustengrav – There is one axe next to the wood pile in the small bandit camp at the entrance.
  • Morthal – An axe can be found propped up against the mill, next to a pile of firewood and a chopping block.
  • Abandoned Shack – There is an axe that can be used in the quest "With Friends Like These..."

The Pale

  • Anga's Mill – Three axes are found here in total:
    • One by each of the two wood chopping blocks.
    • The third is slightly further up the hill, resting on a box.
  • Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar) – An axe is on the table outside of the building.
  • Two can be found on a mountaintop edge northeast of Volunruud.

The Reach

The Rift

  • Riften – Five known locations:
  • Shor's Stone – Two known locations:
    • Redbelly Mine – Directly across from the entrance, at the end of a very short tunnel.
    • Filnjar's House – On a stump in the basement. (Decorative)
  • Froki's Shack – Three in total:
    • Two unowned axes on the outside:
      • One axe is outside, on the wood chopping block.
      • The other outside axe is next to the door to the shack.
    • One owned axe inside:
      • One axe rests horizontally, on the third ledge of a shelf on the left.
  • Autumnwatch Tower – Two axes in total:
    • At the top of the lower tower, on a hay pile.
    • Just inside the upper tower, on the right.
  • Faldar's Tooth – No fewer than five axes can be found:
    • The first is through the main entrance, at the bottom of the stairs.
    • The second rests atop a broken pillar, amongst the prison cells.
    • The third lies on a shelf in the same room.
    • The fourth is found embedded in a dead wolf.
    • The fifth is in the food preparation area.
  • Broken Helm Hollow – In the room with Leifnarr.
  • Sarethi Farm – Below the stairs to the basement.
  • Black-Briar Lodge – An axe is embedded in a piece of firewood next to the nearby watchtower.
  • Wood Cutter's Camp: Lake Geir (unmarked loction) – An axe lies next to a deceased woodcutter.

Whiterun Hold

Winterhold Hold




This section contains bugs related to Woodcutter's Axe. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  PC   360   PS3   When attempting to place an axe on a weapon rack, the axe may not correctly be placed.
  •  PC   360   PS3   When activating the wood chopping block with the axe drawn, the Dragonborn will sheathe their weapon, then another axe will appear in the Dragoborn's hand, despite it clearly being sheathed at the Dragonborn's side. Once the animation is over, the second axe will disappear. This also happens when mining ore with a pickaxe.
  •  360   Sometimes when dual wielding a dagger with the dagger in the main hand and the axe in the left hand, the axe will appear sheathed along with the dagger, with both weapons visible. However, the sheathing animation remains the same as any other left-hand weapon. The Dragonborn will simply lower their arms, and the axe will disappear from their hand.

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