Wooden Bowl is a miscellaneous item that can be found throughout Skyrim.


The Wooden Bowl can be found in almost every dwelling, as it is a common and useful dish. It does not, however, have any unique or special uses, unless glitching such as with Whirlwind Sprint to clip through doors.


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  • Patched or Not?

    2 messages
    • With all 3 DLCs, can I still use the wooden bowl/Whirlwind Sprint glitch, or did Bethseda cut it?
    • It should still work after patch 1.9, which was the final patch for the game. The dlcs are not patches themselves.
  • I can't find wooden bowls!

    5 messages
    • wrote:I got a normal Bowl. It worked. I got through the wall. The armor wasn't there. Crying blood. You have to complete ...
    • The armor is meant to be there without the quest but the lever isn't, if you've been to Hags End before the body with the armor can...
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