Worm Cult Savage is a generic member of the Order of the Black Worm.



Castle of the WormEdit

Worm Cult Savage: "Scout, how many Tharns does it take to rule an Empire?"
Worm Cult Assassin: "Would you shut up? I'm trying to work here."
Worm Cult Savage: "None. The one on the throne is a patsy and the one in the tower isn't useful anymore!"
Worm Cult Assassin: "That's not even funny. Get back to work, would you?"
Worm Cult Savage: "What? It's true. Lord Mannimarco is going to peel his skin off and make a particularly ugly flesh atronach out of him, mark my words."
Worm Cult Assassin: "And if you don't help me, I'll make sure you're sewn up right alongside him. Now shut up!"


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