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Worshippers are Nords in Skyrim that potentially reside near the Guardian Stones. Thalmor Soldiers were instructed to slay these worshippers, who pledge allegiance to Talos, the Ninth Divine considered unholy by the Altmeri political presence of Skyrim due to his assumed apotheosis.


Directly southwest of the Guardian Stones, four Talos worshippers lay dead. Next to them lie four dead Thalmor soldiers with random loot, with the exception of a letter called "Thalmor Orders," stating that the Nords were worshipping the god Talos in secret from the Empire and Aldmeri Dominion.

Rumors spread, and soon a Thalmor agent named Sanyon sends seven reports that Talos worship has been happening in the Lake Ilinalta region. In the letter, Elenwen states that there is no proof and that she needs better evidence, not wanting to waste good agents. Sanyon would travel only to kill four worshippers, then be killed himself. Judging by that, Sanyon was killed also indicates that some worshipper(s) killed him and fled from the scene not to return.


  • Occasionally, female worshippers are known to spawn dead near Lakeview Manor, alone.


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