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"The pain is so great..."
―Wounded Soldier[src]

The Wounded Soldier is found in the Temple of Kynareth. He is usually laying on a platform with his hand on his chest. He will occasionally groan in pain, and will not attack. They can also be found in any Stormcloak or Imperial camps. However, the Wounded Soldier at the Temple is unique in that he wears the Whiterun Guard's Armor.


  • "The pain is so great..."
  • "Unghhh... oww..."
  • "I can't bear it... make it stop..."
  • "Gods bless you, healer." ―When being healed.
  • "I feel better already." ―When being healed.


  • If the Stormcloaks take Whiterun, he, unlike the rest of the guards, will not be replaced by a Stormcloak Soldier.


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  • Sometimes, the soldier will be 'walking' on the platform at the Temple of Kynareth.
  • During the Battle for Whiterun, the wounded soldier and Sickly Farmer will both be out of bed, wandering in the temple.