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"Wraiths are the spirits of long dead mages, trapped into this state either by the circumstances surrounding their death, or by being called up from the dead by a more powerful Wizard."
―Official Arena Game Guide[src]

Wraiths are undead creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Strength 50
Intelligence 50
Willpower 70
Agility 85
Speed 70
Endurance 60
Personality 50
Luck 50
Wraith (Arena)

Wraiths are essentially spectres of former living Mages. Like Ghosts, Wraiths are trapped into a state of unliving due to the conditions of their death or by consecutive invocation of a stronger magic user. The main difference between these two spectral undead is that Wraiths are considerably more powerful compared to Ghosts, standing with more Health and by far a superior offensive spell.

The Wraith has the appearance of a dark, transparent humanoid wielding an ghostly axe. These undead seems to wear a circlet on their head with a black, spectral robe, they are used as summoned guardians of dungeons by Mages and will attack any intruder inside their location.

These creatures are mighty fighters, at close range their axe can deal devastating blows while at long range their consecutive Fireballs quickly casted can easily defeat unprepared opponents. Wraiths also have the ability to see individuals who are invisible to common eyes, making the invisibility effect useless. They are easily distinguished from other creatures hearing their long, ghostly moan.

The first appearance of Wraiths is during the quest "Elden Grove," in the Second Level of the location of same name. They are between Trolls and Homonculus in terms of strength.

Named WraithsEdit


  • In some shots, Wraiths appear with yellow eyes instead of their red eyes as in the normal version of the game.
  • Wraiths dissipate completely upon death, leaving no loot.


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