The Wraith of Sul-Senipul is the ghost of Sul-Senipul, the father of the Ashkhan Sul-Matuul. He resides in the Urshilaku Burial Caverns in the Ashlands on Vvardenfell. He carries his bow, the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul, which the Nerevarine must retrieve from him during the quest "Meet Sul-Matuul."


Sul-Senipul was the father of Sul-Matuul, the current Ashkhan of the Urshilaku Tribe, which resides nearby his cave in the Urshilaku Camp. Before his death, he was the Ashkhan of the Ashlander himself.[1]



Meet Sul-MatuulEdit

During this part of the Main Quest, the Nerevarine seeks to gain the trust of the Urshilaku tribe and their Ashkhan, Sul-Matuul. They are given the task to retrieve Sul-Matuul's father's bow from within the tribe's Burial Caverns, in order to prove their worth. The Wraith of Sul-Senipul is killed in the process.



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