"Wha- ? What are you doing up here? They find the Golden Galleon yet?"

Wrath quote

Wrath is a member of the Blackwater Brigands. It is a group of four bandits who hijacked The Bloated Float in hopes of finding the hidden treasure, the Golden Galleon, which was rumored to have been hidden on the ship. He wears leather armor with a unique Blackwater Leather Cuirass and wields a leveled weapon.


An Unexpected VoyageEdit

Wrath is found on the top deck guarding the wheel of the ship. If the Hero is shrewd enough, using the information gained from the other two deceased members of the gang, more information can be learned in conversation with the remaining members about the operations of the gang. If the correct conversation choices are not selected, the conversation will end.

Either way, Wrath will attack and ultimately be killed.


An Unexpected Voyage

"Wha- ? What are you doing up here? They find the Golden Galleon yet?"

Get away from that wheel! "Over my dead body!"
I'm awaiting orders. "Orders? Selene didn't tell me about this, and I don't remember her taking on someone else to help us find the Gold Galleon. When did all this happen?"
Yesterday. "Liar! We never met yesterday! You're an intruder!"
Three days ago. "Damn that woman! She promised a four part split when we recover the Golden Galleon. She never said anything about splitting it five ways! She said when we got back to the safe house in Bravil, we would divide the loot after she fenced the damn thing. Do Lynch and Minx know about this?"
Lynch and Minx are dead. "Well, since they're out of the way, if I kill you, that means Selene and I split the take two ways. This heist is getting better and better!"


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