The wrecked ship The Brinehammer can be found along the northern coast of Skyrim, about halfway between Dawnstar and the Solitude Lighthouse. Exploring the ship's interior can be a little confusing due to its leaning position and tendency to rock in the waves. There are two sub-locations inside the ship - The Brinehammer Below Deck and The Brinehammer Cargo Hold - with some chests, books and regular loot. A Shrine of Kynareth can be found inside as well as some skill books. There is a locked chest in the water beneath the hull crack which contains gold. There is some debris floating above it, with wooden boards and three dead Skeevers.  


Little is known about the Brinehammer and its history, as no diary, log or any written material regarding the ship can be found inside it. Judging by the nature of the wreck, one possible explanation for the Brinehammer's wreck is that it ran into a reef or rocks when the tide was in. The sudden crash would have caused the ship to list violently, and this may explain why the remains of some of the crew on board were killed by falling furniture.


Notable items


  • It is advisable to avoid use of the north door on the lowest level of the ship due to a bug.
  • There is a hole in the bottom of the ship, giving direct access to the cargo hold section of the ship from the outside.
  • The chest under the ship has an Apprentice lock. It has gold and other valuable trinkets in it.
  • The two doors that are used to enter the cargo hold read The Brinehammer Cargo Hold, but in reality, the world space entered is the general exterior overworld. Usually this reads as "Skyrim" when being entered from interior cells.
  • The Brinehammer Bellow Deck is likely the only interior cell in Skyrim that features Mudcrabs as enemies.
  • The unmarked location Sunken Treasures is located northwest of the wreck; the chests lie at the bottom in the ocean. 


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