Wrist Irons are iron manacles, worn on the wrists, and occupying the slot gauntlets would occupy. In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Wrists Irons are the only indestructible clothing item worn on the hands, making them suitable for enchanting by mages. Despite being classified as clothing apparel, they raise the Light Armor skill when blows are taken, as with all other clothing items in Oblivion.


Only one pair exists in unmodified versions of Oblivion. It is equipped on the hero during the "Tutorial" of the main storyline. Additional pairs resurfaced in various official plugins.


Because the Wrist Irons have no weight, mages can use them as an enchanted wrist item. Technically defined as clothing, they can be enchanted without the need to repair by reaching level 50 Armorer. Useful enchantments include Shield, Fortify Magicka, and Water Breathing.

These items can be duplicated using the scroll exploit. Collect three scrolls of one type. Carahil, during the Anvil Recommendation, gives three Scrolls of Frost Shield for free. Likewise, Kud-Ei gives three scrolls of Beguile for free during the "Bravil Recommendation" quest. Enter the Character Menu and equip all three scrolls, one after the other. Then, drop the Wrist Irons. Exit the menu and pick up the three Wrist Irons that duplicated. This exploit only works if one Wrist Iron is dropped at a time. Any scrolls can be used for this trick.

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