Wulfgar is an Elder Nord, he is one of the Greybeards. As for the other Greybeards, save for Arngeir, his voice is too powerful to be heard by common people,[1] thus he does not speak.


Along with the other Greybeards, the only word he says, when interacted with, is "Dovahkiin..." which is accompanied by the sound of a distant bell and what seems to be a small earth quake. He, along with the other Greybeards also speak the Dragon Language when the Dragonborn retrieves Jurgen Windcallers horn.

Dragon shoutsEdit


  • He goes up to the tower and shouts every in-game hour.
  • He is the Greybeard that appears in one of the loading screens.
  • He has honey in his inventory, which is shown when pickpocketed. This jar of honey is one of the only two in Skyrim without installing downloadable content.
  • He may be a reference to Wulfgar from Beowulf.



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