"The Wyrd Tree, the spirit that gives life to this land. My sisters and I are Beldama Wyrd. We serve the Wyrd Tree."
Wyress Helene[src]

The Wyrd Tree is an ancient tree that lies deep within the woods of Glenumbra, High Rock. Its roots are said to conceal long dead legends, secrets from when time began, and unread, lost knowledge.[citation needed] They stretch through all of Nirn, and thus its power touches everything.[1]

The Wyrd Tree is served and protected by the Beldama Wyrd, who draw power from its roots, comfort from its leaves, and are sustained by it.[1]


Reclaiming the ElementsEdit

Angof's Bloodthorn Cultists threaten the Wyrd Tree. Continue to help the Beldama Wyrd save the tree.

Purifying the Wyrd TreeEdit

The Guardians wait inside the Wyrd Tree, ready to assist against the Corruption of the Tree. Once it is destroyed, the Wyrd Tree will be purified.



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