Wyress Asteria is a Breton member of the Glenmoril Wyrd found to the north of Northglen, near the ruins.


Beyond the CallEdit

Stop the Reachmen from mounting their attack on Evermore.


"Another one? Curious. What do you want?"

I'm looking for a scount named Isabeth. "She was here. She returned our sister to us, so we are in her debt."
Did you see a villager with her? Laetille? "The other has a sickness within her, of an unknown kind. We will keep the sick girl away from the land, lest she spread an incurable disease through our woods. If you're curious, speak to Wyress Delphique. She's within the ruins."
I'll go speak with her. "I'm not sure what you're hoping for with the girl, but I can tell you, she won't leave this ruin."


  • "The village dweller didn't make it, did she? I didn't think she would."
  • "I hear we're to be allies with the city dwellers now. I suppose if it saves our home, it's for a good cause. Especially with the added bonus of ridding ourselves of the Reachmen." – After the quest


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