Wyress Helene is a Breton initially found in Deleyn's Mill, where she is helping the villagers in the aftermath of an attack on the village. She is later found in the Vale of the Guardians with the rest of her sisters.


Turning of the TreesEdit

The Forest itself seems to have turned against the village of Delevyn's Mill and the villagers are in danger. Wyress Helene asks the Vestige for help.

The Wyrd SistersEdit


Show: Turning of the Trees

"Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Soon, the land shall return to normal and the creatures of the forest will settle down."

What's going on here? "Something has enraged the forest. We tried to speak to the woods, to calm it, but it refuses to listen. Never before has nature refused to hear us. I fear that the land around us is dying."

How can I help? "Our purpose now is just to get these people out of here. My sisters and I can figure everything else out later. I can construct a ward to protect the villagers, but my oath prevents me from harming these creatures. I'm at a loss."
I'll take care of it. What do you need me to do? "A focus is required for the ritual to work. This torchbug, born from the soil and sap of the Wyrd Tree, will seek out untainted earth. Let's hope the corruption hasn't spoiled the entire area."
Tell me about the Wyrd Tree. "The Wyrd Tree, the spirit that gives life to this land. My sisters and I are Beldama Wyrd. We serve the Wyrd Tree. We came here to discover why anger infests this part of the forest."
Have you discovered anything? "No, and that worries me. The forest no longer speaks to us. We sensed that something was wrong and that's why we came here. But beyond that, we are at a loss as to how to make things right."
What should I do with this creature? "Let this torchbug fly where it will. Let it guide you to the essence of Aetherius. It will find the soil that is most pure and draw out what I need for my focus."
After Vestige brings Helene the ingredients for the ritual.

"I mourn the creatures you were forces to kill. They usually aren't so aggressive."

I've fathered what you need. "May the essence of Aetherius protect us all. Now, please, stand back. I must perform the ritual of warding."

I'll just get out of the way.

After the ritual of warding is complete.

"That ward will buy us some time. Now we have to figure out what to do next."

The villagers can't hide in the mill forever. "Agreed. The mill is safe for now, but we need to get the villagers out of here."

Show: The Wyrd Tree's Roots

"My sister Jehanne has a plan to help the villagers, but we need your assistance. If you're willing to help us, please talk to her."

After the villagers have been teleported out of the mill.

"I didn't want to say anything with all these poor people around. They've already gone through so much. But after studying the situation, I think I know what's going on in the forest."


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