Wyress Jehanne is a Breton member of the Beldama Wyrd. She is assisting the villagers of Deleyn's Mill in the wake of a terrible attack. She is later found in the Vale of the Guardians with the rest of her sisters.


Ash and ReprieveEdit

The village of Deleyn's Mill is under siege. Fire threatens to burn the village to the ground while enraged forest creatures attack the remaining villagers. The witches of the Beldama Wyrd are trying to contain the situation.

The Wyrd Tree's RootsEdit

The Beldama Wyrd want to use the roots of the Wyrd Tree to help the villagers get away. But the same corruption that caused this trouble has sapped the roots of their power.


Show: Ash and Reprieve

Who are you to nonchalantly walk through flames and forest? You smell of the city of stone. Have you come to cleave our forest? Rip up our soil? Haven't the spirits already been enraged enough by your kind?

I'm only here to help. So you say. My sisters and I serve the Beldama Wyrd. We have a duty to uphold. You? I don't know your true intentions. Still, we could use the help of someone who isn't quite as attached to the forest as we are. You might prove useful, after all."

What do you need me to do? "My suster Olyna is still out there, probably trapped somewhere between the fires and the enraged forest creatures. The fires burn, our sister is missing, and the villagers are dying. Something needs to be done."
I'll deal with the fires and save anyone who's still alive. "Get everyone back here and we can keep them safe. For a while. In the meantime, we'll work on what to do next. And make sure you but those fires out. This building won't provide much protection if it burned to the ground."
Who are you? Do you live in Deleyn's Mill? "We are the witches of the Wyrd. We serve the Wyrd Tree and the forest is our home. If this was Breton against Breton, we would not get involved. But something unnatural caused this. The forest has been wounded and that concerns the Beldama Wyrd."
You still came to help. "We stand apart, but we aren't heartless. No one deserves to die for something they haven't done."
Do you know why the forest has become so hostile? "Isn't it obvious? The people of the city of stone caused this. They have no regard for the natural world. Nature only bends so far before it begins to suffer. Then it reasserts itself. Nature always prevails. That's why the vines appeared."
What vines? "The vines! They started appearing weeks ago, bursting through the soil and spreading throughout Glenumbra. We've never seen such vines before, and even the Wyrd Tree was engulfed by the strange growths. Whatever's happening, no one is safe."
After all the survivors had been rounded up.

"Perhaps I was too quick to pass judgement on you. These people, including my sister Olyna, owe you their lives."

I did what I could. "The remaining fires should burn out soon. You did what you could, bu the forest's rage has ravaged this village. It's terrible, for sure, but a small part of me is thankful that these saws won't operate again."

Show: The Wyrd Tree's Roots

"My sisters and I should be able to open a path to safety, but we'll need your help again to make this work."

What do I need to do? "We can travel along the roots of the Wyrd Tree. That's how we were able to get here so quickly. But there's some kind of corruption in the soil and now that path is blocked to us. The roots need to be nourished with pure energy."

Where do we get pure energy? "Norhing is more pure that life itself. We can use the life force of the creatures to nourish the roots of the Wyrd Tree. Kill one of the creatures near each root. Their life essence should provide the power we need to get the villagers out of here."
I'll take care of it. "Look for the roots of the Wyrd around the mill. Remember that those creatures must give up their lives near the roots of the roots won't absorb their life essences. Any creature you kill away from a root is a life extinguished for no reason."
Tell me more about the Wyrd Tree's magic. "The Wyrd Tree sustains us. From its roots, we draw strength. From its leaves, we find comfort. Its roots stretch though all of Nirn and thus its power touches everything."
Once all the roots have been nourished.

"We were able to get all the villagers through the portal. They're safe in our camp for now."

Anything else you need from me? "I should return to our camp and help protect the villagers. My sisters will continue to look into the madness that occurred here. Perhaps you could help them, if you have an interest. You have earned my respect, stone-dweller. Thank you."


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