Wyress Rafelen is a Breton member of the Glenmoril Wyrd. She is found at their camp in the Viridian Woods.


"Our lives are simple, and our motives pure. There's nothing better than a clear conscience, is there?"

I'm curious about the Wyrd. "I welcome questions from the honestly curious, unlike some of my sisters. We are rarely visited by people with genuine interest in our lives."
Why do you live in these woods? "The woods offer us shelter, food, and water. You see everything we have laid out before you. What we need, we have. Living in a village places so many burdens on its people. Conform, obey, supress [sic] [Do not change this to suppress. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]. Our lives aren't like that."
Who exactly are you? "I'm a trainer and a learner. I train with our wolves, but I've learned from them too. There's so much more to life than buying and selling. I was part of all that hustle once, but now I'm free. I live my own life. It's a blessing."
Do you miss your family? "My birth family made it clear I was unwelcome. Tainted, they called me. Stupid. My daughter and I were abandoned in the woods. This is my family now. The Wyrd welcomed us with open arms, and taught us how to survive. We are home now."
What happened to your daughter? "She's around somewhere. I don't need to watch her every minute. I know she can take care of herself, in whatever way she chooses."


  • "We shall see to it that the Viridian Sentinel learns what it means to be a guardian of the woods." – If Princess Elara became a Viridian Sentinel


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