Not to be confused with Xanmeer.

Xander is an Imperial sailor and Red Wave crew member, which can be found next to the East Empire Company Warehouse, outside Solitude.


Xander has what most would call a refined taste in finery. He wears fine garments and talks elegantly. His attitude is proud and self-absorbing.


Hailing from Cyrodiil, he was forced to leave after an incident with the law and took on a life at sea. He was once a ship captain of the ship Argent Raptor who sank after hitting an iceberg just north of Windhelm. He joined the Red Wave crew after that and began his career leap from ship captain to crewman, but admitting that he might have earned his position because of his habit of wasting gold on women and gambling. His fellow crewmen scoff at his love of finery, but he hears only jealousy from their part.


Fishing JobEdit

He can be a target for a Fishing Job where the Dragonborn is required to steal Xander's Ruby.


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  • In the radiant quest "Hired Muscle," Xander is in the ship but unable to communicate back.
    • Hit him once and then leave the ship. Come back, sheath fists and initiate contact with him. The brawl should be able to start now.
    • Another option is to hit him without sneaking and get caught by the guards outside when Xander is outside too. Bribe the guards; Xander and the other crew should stop attacking the Dragonborn. Afterwards, one can now brawl with him.


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