Xiditte is a medium-sized, multi-level fort located east of Pinnacle Rock and west of Vitharn. It is inhabited by a large number of Zealots and multiple Flesh Atronachs. Puzzles litter Xiditte, as well.



Here the Hero will find assorted Zealots and Flesh Atronachs, as well as an "office" of one of the Zealots, which contains several rare books.

The CatacombsEdit

The Catacombs can be accessed by pressing a button on the desk of a room on the northern side of the first chamber encountered. Drop into the pit and fight through a few Zealots after going through the door. There is an alternate route downstairs if the pit is not used.

In the catacombs, there is a room containing several Grummite statues which must be properly rotated, and then shocked in order to enter a secret passage at the southern end of the chamber. This can be done by pressing the push buttons on the eastern enclave, as well as the button below the Hunger statue. This makes a wall burst in the chamber. Go in and jump across a few support beams to a bridge, which takes them to a room containing a crystal chest, which has to have a Heart of Order to be activated.


  • Wearing Zealot clothing will confuse the Zealots for a while before they attack.
  • Arbiter's Log can be found here.


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