Xylo River Basin

The Xylo River Basin in Malabal Tor.

The Xylo River is a river that was located in the north-east of Valenwood. During the Five Year War, the borders of Elsweyr shifted slightly west, taking both banks of the Xylo River, and the land has not been returned since.[1][2][3]

The city of Falinesti can be found sprawling across both banks of the Xylo river in the winter.[1][4]

The Xylo River runs through Malabal Tor with settlements such as Silvenar, the Baandari Trading Post, Valeguard, Bloodtoil Valley, and Jathsogur residing along the basin.

The River itself starts at the Strid River and flows through Treehenge until it finally goes through the Jungle.



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