Yaghoub was a Redguard explorer who discovered the city-state of Sentinel, on the northwestern coast of Hammerfell. Yaghoub had conquered the Elves that lived in the region and established Samuruik, the modern-day Palace of Sentinel.


Yaghoub was one of the many Redguard explorers to lead the Ra Gada wave onto the province of Hammerfell. Yaghoub sailed across the Iliac Bay, bringing conflict everywhere he went in the Breton kingdoms. Yaghoub hailed from the region of Akos Kasaz, the largest region of Yokuda, and so, he brought several things along the way. Yaghoub brought the Yokudan Chargers, a powerful breed of horse that now resides in the Aswala Stables, near the city of Lainlyn. Yaghoub sailed from the city of Hegathe, around the Cape Shira, where he eventually found Sentinel, on the seventeenth of Second Seed, towards the Steed constellation. When Yaghoub discovered Sentinel, he let his men indulge themselves with the pomegranate and fig groves of the area. He would then conquer the residents already living in the city, making them stonemasons and servants. Through his power, the Palace of Sentinel, Samuruik was created, becoming the throne of Sentinel for the Crowns that would soon follow.[1][2]


Because of this momentous event in Redguard history, the day is celebrated in the holiday named Koomu Alezer'i, which is celebrated on the seventeenth of Second Seed. The holiday serves as a symbol of remembrance of his accomplishments and serves as an excuse to eat bountiful amounts of pomegranate.[1]



Leader of Sentinel
None (Founding Leader) Circa First Era Eventually Ramzi the Distrait
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