"Yath: jagged, arid, rugged, magnificent, with clear views from a spine like steel. Soufoudin was much like his island. He pulled me up on a charger to ride by his side, and together we explored every terrain. One day he rode off over a ridge and was gone, and once again I returned to the sea."
Hazadiyya Sea-Queen[src]

Yath or Vathi[UL 1] is one of the four major islands in the continent of Yokuda, situated south of the main island of Akos Kasaz. Yath is a jagged and arid region, with open and clear view that goes for miles. The Ra Gada of Yath, led by King Xakhwan, would go on to rule the conquered city of Salas En, which was originally occupied by the Corelanya Clan of High Elves. Some of those Ra Gada would go on to become the modern-day Ash'abah. Yath was destroyed, along with the rest of Yokuda. The only known settlement on Yath was called Makan.[1][2][3][4]

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