The Fiefdom of Ykalon is a region in High Rock, in the Iliac Bay. It borders Phrygias to the northeast, Daenia and Urvaius to the east, and Northmoor and Ilessan Hills to the east. The regional capital is Ykalon City. The patron deity of the region is Mara and the dominant vampire clan is Thrafey. Castle Llugwych, a former stronghold of the Blades, is located in the region.

The people of Ykalon hold a festival every year called the Perseverance Day during Sun's Dawn. The festival celebrates the victory of the forces of Ykalon in the Battle of Firewaves in 3E 267, when the forces of Camoran Usurper were finally defeated.[1]

During the Warp in the West, most of the region's forest was burned down and the region fell under the rule of Daggerfall.[2]




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