Ylgar was an Atmoran warrior and son of Ysgramor. He lived sometime in the late Merethic Era, during The Return, and was one of the Five Hundred Companions.[1]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Family and early life[edit | edit source]

Ylgar was the youngest son of the legendary Ysgramor, he also had an older brother, Yngol. Ylgar, as well as his brother and father, sailed to Tamriel fleeing civil war on Atmora. Along with other settlers, Ylgar and his family were inhabitants of Saarthal and were there during the elven raid, the Night of Tears.[2] Ylgar, along with Ysgramor and his brother, fled back to Atmora. They are said to be the only survivors.

Return[edit | edit source]

Ylgar was renowned in Atmora as a warrior possessing an unwavering spirit that drove his singular prowess to overwhelming feats in war.[1]

Ylgar sought to avenge to his fallen brothers and sisters and joined the Five Hundred Companions, led by his father. He commissioned two ships for himself and his brother and became the captain of Darumzu. Yngol and Ylgar sailed out of the massive shipyards of Jylkurfyk, not knowing that this was the last time they would meet.[1]

During the voyage to Tamriel, the fleet of the Five Hundred was hit by the Storm of Separation. Both of the brothers were separated from the rest of the crew. It was Ylgar and his crew who luckily avoided the hazards of the great storm and sailed out alive.[1]

Ylgar led a crew consisting of the wise war-teacher Adrimk and her students, most of whom hadn't earned their names yet.[1] Few records are found on what happened with Ylgar and his crew after they landed on the Hsaarik Head, but it is known that he fought alongside his father during the war over Skyrim. Judging on how the bloodline still lives on, it can be said that Ylgar survived the war with his father and ruled Skyrim after his father's death. The only other thing known about Ylgar was that he was "extremely handsome", and his skill with a blade was unmatched by any of Tamriel's warriors. He also assisted his father in defeating the giant Sinmur.

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