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Yngol's Shade is a unique spectral draugr found in Yngol Barrow.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

He is the ghostly remnant of Ysgramor's eldest son, Yngol.[1] He awakens upon entering the throne room, where he is guarding his helmet.

Unlike other Nordic Tombs, where the Draugr within are matched to the player character's level, Yngol's Shade is always much more powerful than the player's current level. For example, if the player enters the Barrow at level 22, Yngol's Shade will already be a Draugr Death Overlord, even though such Draugr normally appear when the player is level 40+.

At higher levels, Yngol's Shade appears as a spectral Dragon Priest.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Yngol's Shade will use the Frost Breath, Disarm, and Unrelenting Force shouts to impede the Dragonborn's movement if in a standard Draugr form, then attack directly with his leveled weapon. At higher levels, this can be an Ebony sword, war axe, or battleaxe. If Yngol's Shade has appeared as a Dragon Priest, he will instead use magic against the player and any followers, such as Fireball, Thunderbolt, and can conjure a Storm Atronach to help him.

Due to his spectral appearance, and the bright greenish light in the room, it can be hard to see him, so the Detect Dead Alteration spell or the Aura Whisper dragon shout should be used to see him better. As with all undead, Yngol's Shade is weak to fire, so fire-enchanted weapons, fire spells, and the Fire Breath shout can be used to great effect against him. Since his weaponry (if in Draugr form) can deal excessive damage, it is best to deal with him from afar via a bow and arrows or spellcraft. If needing a respite, or time to run and heal, the Alteration spell Paralyze or the Ice Form shout can stop him from fighting long enough to deal with any injuries received in the fight.

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