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Yngol Barrows is an ice filled tomb located North East of Windhelm on the south side of the river bank. It contains Draugr corpses and adept level chests. This area also requires the Coral Dragon Claw that can be found in the barrow itself located on a pedistal past a puzzle room. The final room contains Yngol's Shade, an undead wielding an enchanted battleaxe or sword, uses frost spells and may disarm. Upon defeating Ygnol, the exit can be unlocked by removing the Helm of Yngol from the skeleton seated in the chair. As Yngol Barrows is used for multiple quests, Yngol's Shade may not always appear, instead there will be a Draugr Death Overlord, this is apparent when retrieving the Helm of Winterhold.

Puzzles (Spoiler)

The player comes across the remains of a Dead Scholar and Pillar Puzzle early in the dungeon. The scholar's corpse contains a book titled "Notes on Yngol Barrow". It appears he had discovered the barrow in his travels and had been transcribing the Nordic carvings in the cave for the College of Winterhold. The notes provide the key to the Pillar Puzzle:

Man in his throne, so should he be

Whale in the Sea, so should he be

Eagle in Sun's Sky, so should he be

Snake in the weed, so should he be

The verses correspond to the environment surrounding each Pillar in the puzzle:

Whale where theres a leak/waterfall.

Eagle where there is light from outside beaming in.

Snake where grass has grown around the pillar.

Activating the level now opens the gate, revealing a Coral Dragon Claw on a pedestal; if you already got the Claw from Winterhold it will not be there.

The second puzzle (which can be seen in the screenshot below featuring the orbs of light) is solved with a snake on the top (outer ring), a wolf in the middle, and the flying insect on the bottom (inner ring). One then uses the Coral Dragon Claw (see above) to open the way. If you are not sure how to solve the puzzle, open up your inventory and rotate the claw in the 3D view, looking at its marks.


There are two quests assosiated with this place.

Firstly the quest to get the Helm of Winterhold and secondly the quest to find the Helm of Yngol.

NOTE: After the quest to find the Helm of Winterhold the gate at the end of the room will NOT open.



When entering the dungeon, the game screen may become black. While the navigation bar on the top will still work and the player can do all movements judging by the sound effects, it is impossible to access any menues but the system menu. Quitting the game from the system menu may cause the game to freeze, requiering a reboot of the system.

The issue can be solved by entering the dungeon without a follower. (PS3 & PC)



  • If you are a high level when you first enter Yngol's throne room, you may have to fight a Dragon Priest in place of Yngol's Shade (Confirmed at level 39)


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