Yokeda Kai is a powerful Yokudan Flame-Shaper, a figurehead in the Celestial Warrior's Anka-Ra army, found in the Hel Ra Citadel Trial, a boss of the delve. He is encountered if chosen the northwestern gate after defeating Ra-Kotu.


Yokeda Kai emerges from a gate after a group of Anka-Ra are defeated near his battle area. Yokeda Kai uses an ability in which he disappears in a fire summoned from his staff, clones himself into four identical versions, and begins using a Flame-Shaper ability in which he shapes fire into a spinning circle and flings the fire onto every delver in his vicinity, an ability akin to that of a regular Flame-Shaper, which must be interrupted accordingly. Yokeda Kai uses a meteor strike ability on a random delver, which has a clear area-of-effect to be seen before it is cast, and so must be avoided. Yokeda Kai will use another area-of-effect attack involving flames on the ground, indicated by him charging his staff. This attack is fatal if not avoided in time, and there will not be much time to avoid it.

The roles of the delvers here is for each to assign themselves to Yokeda Kai's clones and interrupt and defeat them in time. The healer is very important in this fight, as many of Yokeda Kai's abilities deal high amounts of damage.


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