"Your neck isn't worthy of the master's blade. Come—burn in my flame."
―Yokeda Rok'dun[src]

Yokeda Rok'dun is a powerful Yokudan hunter of the Anka-Ra found at the Hel Ra Citadel, a boss of that Trial. He is encountered if chosen the southeastern gate after defeating Ra-Kotu.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Yokeda Rok'dun at first summons multiple hordes of Anka-Ra; the first one with two Anka-Ra Soldiers, each with their own pair of welwa and an Anka-Ra War-Priest. Then, a pair of Anka-Ra Destroyers, each accompanied by two armored welwa, and two Anka-Ra Archers. The third wave contains four regular welwa, two armored welwa, and two Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers. After these are defeated, Yokeda Rok'dun will appear.

Yokeda Rok'dun emerges with two Enraging Welwa to accompany him in battle. These welwa, after a short while, will enlarge and become more dangerous, albeit losing much of their health. When these welwa die, they will be revived by Rok'dun, and if not enlarged, will multiply. There is a lucrative way to deal with these welwa: the tank must taunt these welwa until they enlarge, and herd them back to Rok'dun for easier dispatchment by area-of-effect.

Rok'dun has a fire explosion ability that, when used, creates a flame spreading out to several directions. This ability is fatal if not avoided properly, and since the nature of the ability is fire, vampires should be especially wary.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Unleash our Ra Gada against the intuders! Crush them as we did the Nedes of old!" —Upon entering his area.
  • "Your neck isn't worthy of the master's blade. Come—burn in my flame." —Upon initiating combat.
  • "Flames of Yokuda take you!" —Using fire explosion.
  • "Burn in our rekindled fury!" —Using fire explosion.
  • "Our fire burns anew!" —Using fire explosion.
  • "Fire bests the sharpest blade!" —Using fire explosion.
  • "Heed Yokuda's call!" —When reviving fallen welwa.
  • "Rise from the ashes!" —When reviving fallen welwa.
  • "A dying flame rekindled!" —When reviving fallen welwa.
  • "The slumbering beast awakens!" —When reviving fallen welwa.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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