"The Battle Matron serves as the Grand Champion's trainer and manager, among other things. Plus, I get to keep Owyn in line. Works for me."
―Ysabel Andronicus[src]

Ysabel Andronicus is the Battle Matron of the Arena, and she trains the Grand Champion. She does not seem interested in speaking with low-ranking members of the Arena, and if the Hero tries to talk to her shortly after joining the Arena, she will only tell them to leave her alone.

If they ask about the Battle Matron Owyn mentions, in passing, that she is 'dear' to him, but he does not elaborate. After becoming Grand Champion, they will find that Owyn asked Ysabel to marry him; she rejected him.

Final fight[edit | edit source]

Ysabel arranges the final person on person fight in the Arena, between the Grey Prince and the Hero. Upon winning, they can receive either the Light Raiment of Valor or the Heavy Raiment of Valor from her.

Ysabel arranges creature fights for them after they becomes the Grand Champion. If they talk to Ysabel before becoming Grand Champion, she will say she doesn't have the time to talk and would rather have them talk to Owyn.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Arena
In the Arena District:

"And who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show. And... Wait, I know you. You're that new Champion, right? Hmph. I guess I know why you're here. But let me tell you, you're making a big mistake. The Gray Prince is the best fighter the Arena has ever seen. He can't be beaten. Not by you. But hey, it's your right. If you want to challenge Agronak, go right ahead. He lives down here in the Bloodworks. Do that, come talk to me again, and I'll arrange your match."

After challenging the Gray Prince:

"So, you've actually challenged the Gray Prince? Do you really know what you've gotten yourself into? Agronak gro-Malog is the best fighter ever to step into an Arena. He can't be beaten! Not by you! But if you want to fight him, that's your right... Well, you know the drill. You let me know when you're ready for a match, and Agronak will head up to the Arena and prepare for your arrival. Just make sure you understand our rules of competition for this match. Fighting the Grand Champion, well... The rules are a bit different."

Battle Matron
Gaiden Shinji
Ready for a Match "So you're ready to fight the Gray Prince, are you? Well you can't go out there without a name. You know, an Arena name! Something catchy, something the people of Cyrodiil will remember when they tell stories about your inglorious defeat! So, what's it going to be?"
The Spellslinger
The Butcher
The Black Arrow
The Divine Avenger
The Messenger of Death
The Crimson Blade
Man o' War
Sir Slaughter
The Tamriel Terror
"Dragonheart (Or any of the other available names), huh? I like it! Yeah, that'll do nicely. All right, it's time to see if you're crazy good or just plain crazy. The Gray Prince is headed up to the Arena as we speak. Go up there and meet him, one Champion to the next. May the Divines have mercy on your soul."
Rules of Competition "Okay, listen up. There are no disqualifications in a Grand Champion match. That means you can wear whatever armor you damn well please. Agronak will be wearing his Raiment of Valor, and he's probably got it heavily enchanted, so feel free to do the same to any armor you have. Now, as you know, in any standard Arena match you're forbidden from looting the corpse of a fallen opponent. Well this ain't any standard match. In the event that you beat the Gray Prince, you're to remove his armor and present it to me. Then you'll get your own Raiment of Valor."

After slaying the Gray Prince:

"By the love of Shinji, you did it! You beat the Gray Prince! This... This is unbelievable! That makes you the best fighter the Arena has ever seen! You've got Agronak's Raiment of Valor! Good! Give it to me! (Or "But you need Agronak's Raiment! That's right, just go back to the Arena and take it right from his body! Go get it, and bring it back to me!" if Agronak's armor has not been taken.) All right, now I give you your own. By Shinji, I... I'm shaking! This is amazing! Okay, do... Do you want a Heavy Raiment of Valor or a Light Raiment of Valor? Your choice!"

Give me the Heavy Raiment of Valor.
Give me the Light Raiment of Valor.
"Right! Okay... It is with great honor that I present to you this gold, and the esteemed Raiment of Valor, and name you the new Arena Grand Champion! You've done it! The Gray Prince was a great Orc, rest his soul and all that... but you beat him! Ha ha! Now go! Take some time to rest! When you're feeling up to it, come talk to me again and we'll discuss your future!"

As Grand Champion:

"Ha ha! There's the new Arena Grand Champion! Now listen, I bet you're wondering what's next huh? Well I've been thinking... Why not spice things up a bit, give the people of Cyrodiil what they really want? We revise the rules of competiton, offer a new kind of match... I'm talking weekly shows, fights pitting you against... are you ready for this? Monsters! And maybe even some wild animals! Sounds great doesn't it? I've had some people out collecting your new combatants. The wilderness is full of 'em! Let me know when you're ready for a match, and it's showtime!"

Battle Matron
Gaiden Shinji
Ready for a Match "Okay, based on your abilities, here are your choices. Do you want to fight one Goblin Berserker, two Trolls, or two Goblin Berserkers and one Troll (The enemies vary depending on level.)?"
One Goblin Berserker
Two Trolls
Two Goblin Berserkers and one Troll
"You've got it, I'll have the Goblin Berserker (Or any other creature/option) brought out to the Arena. Now get up there and give the people what they paid for!"
Rules of Competition

After winning a match:

"Great show, great show! You really brought down the house! Here's your gold. Now get some rest, and I'll see you next week!"

If approached again:

"Well, well, if it isn't Dragonheart (Or any other Arena name)! How's our new Grand Champion, huh? You ready to make me some money? Ha ha ha ha ha! Ahem..."

Ready for a Match "We're just not ready! It takes time to find those beasties and get them back here alive. Remember, just one show a week. Come back some other day."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "And who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show. And if you're one of those idiots who thinks they have something to prove in the Arena, go over and talk to Owyn."
  • "Listen, sunshine, I ain't in the mood! You want something, talk to Owyn. He's right over there, for Shinji's sake!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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