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"Remember this always, son of the north—a Nord is judged not by the manner in which he lived, but the manner in which he died."

Ysgramor is a legendary Atmoran hero warrior who can be encountered in Sovngarde. He wears ancient Nord armor, rather than the unique armor he is seen wearing on his statues. He also bears his signature axe, Wuuthrad, on his back.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Sovngarde[edit | edit source]

Ysgramor can be met in Hall of Valor during the quest "Sovngarde." After speaking to the Nordic heroes, Ysgramor will talk about Kodlak Whitemane, and tell the Dragonborn not to fail him.

Welcome, Dragonborn! Our hall has stood empty since Alduin first set his soul-snare here. By Shor's command we sheathed our blades and ventured not the vale's dark mist. But three await your word to loose their fury upon the perilous foe. Gormlaith the Fearless, glad-hearted in battle; Hakon the Valiant, heavy-handed warrior; Felldir the Old, far-seeing and grim.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ysgramor is actually slightly taller than everyone else in Sovngarde (except Tsun), standing at a scale of 1.05 rather than the normal 1.03.
  • Ysgramor's artifacts are Wuuthrad and the Shield of Ysgramor, though he doesn't use the shield in Sovngarde.
  • According to the creation kit, Ysgramor is a Nord. However, in lore, he is an Atmoran. This might be the reason for his increased height, in order to distinguish him.

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