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Ysolda's Shipment is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must speak to Ysolda, an aspiring merchant in Whiterun, about Sleeping Tree Sap which she has been attempting to procure.


"All that I know is that the sap makes you feel as healthy as a cave troll, but as slow as a horker. And that it fetches good coin."


  1. Speak to Ysolda about Sleeping Tree Sap


This miscellaneous quest is activated upon reading Ysolda's Message found on Ulag's corpse in Sleeping Tree Cave. The message details an agreement Ysolda had with Ulag to deliver Sleeping Tree Sap to her stall in Whiterun.

Upon entering Sleeping Tree Cave the body of Ulag can be found nearby the giant that presumably killed him. Ysolda's Message will prompt the Dragonborn to speak to Ysolda about Sleeping Tree Sap.

Ysolda will explain that Ulag was her supplier, but given his death she has no way to retrieve any more Sleeping Tree Sap. She will however offer to buy any that the Dragonborn may retrieve or find. The quest is then considered complete.


Ysolda's Shipment – dunSleepingTreeCampQST
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective: Speak to Ysolda about Sleeping Tree Sap
  • Quest complete

Note: This quest is never actually shown completed in the journal stages.