Zainab Nerevarine is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, after "The Path of the Incarnate".


"A stranger's hand unites the Velothi. Four Tribes call him Nerevarine."
The Seven Visions[src]



Note 1: The quest to become the Ashlanders's Nerevarine runs in conjunction with the similar quests to become Hortator of the Great Houses. Although, Sul-Matuul will advise to wait until being the Hortator of all houses before becoming Ahemmusa Nerevarine, Erabenimsun Nerevarine and Urshilaku Nerevarine as this will make many people's Disposition for the Nerevarine drop.
Note 2: The order in which these Tribes are visited and declare the Hero as Nerevarine of their Tribe does not affect the development of the main questline.

In order to complete the Fifth Trial of the Seven Visions, the Nerevarine must be declared as such by the Four Ashlander Tribes (Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun , Urshilaku and Zainab) of Vvardenfell. To do so the Nerevarine must visit and complete a number of tasks for each Tribe.

Kaushad and Sonummu ZabamatEdit

Sonummu Zabamat

Sonummu Zabamat

After receiving councel from Nibani Maesa, the Nerevarine begins the quest by traveling to the Zainab Camp that Nibani marked on the map. The camp can be found on the western edge of the Grazelands, between Venim Ancestral Tomb and Sethan Ancestral Tomb. The Nerevarine finds Sonummu Zabamat, Wise Woman of the Zainab Tribe, whom tells the Nerevarine that in order to be declared as such they must speak to Kaushad, Ashkhan of the Zainab.

Kaushad, however, needs to receive a gift before accepting to talk to the Nerevarine. Sonummu advises to offer some Expensive Shoes to Kaushad. Once, the gift is offered to Kaushad, he requires the Hero to complete a task for him. This task is to kill the vampire, Calvario, living in Nerano Ancestral Tomb.

Nerano Ancestral TombEdit

If questioned, Kaushad, will give directions to the tomb. Which can be found not far north of the camp, and north east of Nchuleft, between two trees. The Tomb itself contains a small of corridor and two chambers with a few leveled creatures. In the final room of the Tomb, waits Calvario. Once he has been killed, the Nerevarine must return to Kaushad.

Kaushad's BrideEdit

Savile Imayn

Savile Imayn

Upon returning to Kaushad, he tells the Nerevarine that they must bring a bride for him. He further requires that this bride should be a Telvanni high-born, who is "pretty, plump, with big hips". Then, Kaushad tells the Hero to speak to Sonummu. When questioned about Kaushad's request, Sonummu, devises a plan, the Nerevarine should buy a Slave and disguise her, then, present her to Kaushad. Sonummu suggests speaking to Savile Imayn in Tel Aruhn to buy a slave.

After travelling to Tel Aruhn, and finding Savile Imayn. The Nerevarine may question her about "something special". Imayn suggests buying an Exquisite Shirt, an Exquisite Skirt, some Exquisite Shoes and a flask of Telvanni Bug Musk perfume, to prepare the disguise of the slave. She indicates Elegnan's Clothier for the exquisite clothes, and Jolda's Apothecary for the Telvanni Bug Musk. And, also explains that both merchants can be found in Tel Mora.

Once all is acquired, and the Nerevarine has returned to Imayn, she will sell the slave, Falura Llervu, for 1,200 gold, and suggests to give the perfume and the exquisite clothes to the slave, so that she may dress up.

The Nerevarine must, then, escort Falura to the Zainab Camp from Tel Aruhn.

Zainab NerevarineEdit

Upon the Nerevarine's return to the Zainab Camp, inside Kaushad's yurt, Kaushad expresses his pleasure in Falura Llervu and grants the Nerevarine the Thong of Zainab as a token for becoming the Zainab Nerevarine.

Further conversation with Kaushad reveals that he is fully aware that Falura Llervu is not a Telvanni high-born, a point which does not anger him, but he is rather impressed with the Nerevarine's cunningness. And gives the Nerevarine a wedding gift.




Zainab Nerevarine – B3_ZainabBride
IDJournal Entry
1Ashkhan Kaushad scoffed when I asked him to name me Zainab Nerevarine. He seemed to doubt that an outlander could ever become the Nerevarine. Maybe if I could improve his disposition towards me, he might take me more seriously.
  • Quest accepted
3The Zainab wise woman, Sonummu Zabamat, says that Ashkhan secretly admires expensive outlander clothing. She says that if I bring him a pair of exquisite shoes, he might be better disposed towards me.
4I gave Ashkhan Kaushad the gift of a pair of exquisite shoes. He seemed pleased.
5I asked Kaushad, Ashkhan of the Zainab, to set me a task to prove that I am worthy to be named Nerevarine of the Zainab. A vampire named Calvario has taken refuge in nearby Nerano Ancestral Tomb. If I can kill this vampire, then I will be judged worthy to be named Nerevarine of the Zainab.
20Since Calvario is dead, Ashkhan Kaushad says he will call me Nerevarine, but not until all the traditional rites and customs have been observed. It is customary to offer the Ashkhan a generous gift as a mark of respect. Ashkhan Kaushad has done me the great favor of naming the gift he wishes to receive -- a high-born Telvanni bride -- 'a pretty one, plump, with big hips to bring me many sons.
22I asked Ashkhan Kaushad where I might find him a high-born Telvanni bride. He said I should visit high-born Telvanni lords and inform each that Ashkhan Kaushad of the Lordly Zainab will do them the honor of making one of their daughters his bride. He trusts me to choose the finest among those offered. The Ashkhan told me to take counsel with his wise woman, Sonummu Zabamat, who knows his mind well in such matters.
25Sonummu Zabamat says no high-born Telvanni would consider wedding an Ashlander. But she has a cunning plan. I must go to Savile Imayn, slavemistress of the Festival Slave Market in Tel Aruhn, and tell her I need a pretty Dunmer slave. Savile Imayn will tell me how to dress the slave like a high-born Telvanni lady. Then I must escort the pretty slave to Zainab camp and present her to Ashkhan Kaushad as a high-born Telvanni bride.
30I have told Savile Imayn, slavemistress of the Festival Slave Market, of my plan to pose a slave as a high-born Telvanni bride to marry the Zainab Ashkhan. She says she has a perfect slave for the part, named Falura Llervu, but first Savile Imayn wants me to bring her an exquisite shirt, an exquisite skirt, and exquisite shoes to dress the slave in. I can see this is going to be very expensive.
35I have obtained an exquisite shirt, an exquisite skirt, and exquisite shoes to dress the slave Falura Llervu in. Savile Imayn needs time to coach Falura Llervu to play her part, and in the meantime she told me to go get some Telvanni Bug Musk perfume to make Falura Llervu completely irresistible.
40I have brought the Telvanni Bug Musk perfume to Savile Imayn, and I have purchased Falura Llervu. Savile Imayn gave me the key to Falura Llervu's cage. When I'm ready, I should speak to Falura Llervu, give her the exquisite shirt, exquisite skirt, exquisite shoes, and Telvanni Bug Musk, and tell her to follow me to Zainab camp to meet her future husband, Ashkhan Kaushad.
45I spoke to Falura Llervu and gave her the perfume and exquisite clothes. She says she is very pleased with her clothes and her perfume, and is happy to escape slavery. She says she is a little anxious about marrying an Ashlander, even an Ashlander chief, but anything is better than being a slave, and she is tough, clever woman determined to make the best of her situation.
47Falura Llervu and I have arrived in Ashkhan Kaushad's yurt. First I must speak once more to Falura Llervu, then I must present her to Ashkhan Kaushad as his new high-born Telvanni bride.
50Ashkhan Kaushad says he is very pleased with Falura Llervu, though she is not so generous in the hips as he would like. He promises to make her a happy bride, and to do her honor as a high-born Telvanni lady. And he has named me Zainab Nerevarine, War Leader of the Zainab, and Protector of the People. He has also given me the Zainab Thong, an enchanted heirloom of the tribe, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer that the Zainab have named me Nerevarine.
  • Quest complete
55Falura Llervu says she is very pleased with Ashkhan Kaushad. He is good-looking, clever, and rich, although a bit full of himself, like all men. She thanks me for having been her matchmaker and benefactor, and hopes I will return to visit when she has brought many fine sons and daughters to Ashkhan Kaushad.
  • Quest complete
 60 Ashkhan Kaushad told me secretly that he is not such a fool, that he realizes I have tricked him, but he thinks me very clever for having hoodwinked him, and he is much happier than he would be if he had truly been given a stuck-up Telvanni lady.
  • Quest complete
Zainab Bride – B3_ZainabKill
1I have slain a Zainab Ashlander. Now it will be impossible to have friendly dealings with them or their leaders.


  • If a Telvanni Council member is questioned about Kaushad's request their disposition will drop by 10 points.

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