Zealots are humanoid mage enemies encountered in Dementia.


Zealots are the southern counterparts to the Heretics found in Mania. Unlike the Heretics, the Zealots believe Sheogorath is a living god and attack anyone who isn't one of them, thinking them to be non-believers.

These mages have weak melee combat skills but will summon Flesh Atronachs and have a wide range of Destruction spells. In addition to this they also have a 15% Spell Absorption ability.

If forced into melee combat, Zealots will most likely use short swords and daggers.

Like Heretics, Zealots have special robes and if the Hero wears both the robes and the hood the Zealots won't attack unless they get within a certain range. Zealot bosses always know that the Hero is an impostor.


  • Zealot Neophyte – Levels 1–5
  • Zealot Missionary – Levels 6–10
  • Zealot Proselytizer – Levels 11–15
  • Zealot Matriarch – Levels 16–19
  • Zealot Patriarch – Ascended Zealot - Levels 20 and up

The book Zealotry briefly describes the Zealots' beliefs and rituals. Even if the Hero is aligned with Sheogorath and have even become him, they will always attack them.


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